It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States on pure partisan lines 50 – 48 with two abstaining from the vote. He swings the court to a conservative ideology for years to come. Protests continued outside of Congress and the Supreme Court throughout the day.

For those suffering from PTSD due to the Trump election results in 2016, this one has to be triggering some serious flashbacks…

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And To No One’s Surprise…

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The FBI supplemental report for the Senate Judiciary Committee in regards to the Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination came back today and as expected, uncovered no new information. The bureau found no corroborating evidence against Kavanaugh and essentially, we are right back to where we were when Jeff Flake flaked out a week ago.

Republicans immediately announced they were pushing forward with the vote on Kavanaugh over the weekend. Democrats immediately stated that the report was too limited and short in scope, ignoring the calls of the people. Those people could be heard outside the Senate and through the halls of Congress today as thousands protested against the Kavanaugh hearings in support of sexual assault victims.

Yup, gonna be an interesting weekend…

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Teenage Senators Just Wanna Have Fun

After the traumatic and demoralizing Kavanaugh hearings last week, we saw an interesting tactic used by the Democratic Senators on the panel. They actually went back and used Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook against him. Establishing an alleged pattern of behavior, they questioned the nominee on various terms found in his Georgetown Preparatory School yearbook.

We at These Terrible Times decided to see if we could find anything of interest regarding various Democratic Senators and their yearbooks. Here’s what we found:

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We found Dianne Feinstein, then known as Dianne Goldman sitting in the same exact position as we found her sitting during the Kavanaugh hearings. Talk about a fun lady. Apparently, some things never change.

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Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Senator from New York and apprentice to former NY Senator Hillary Clinton as well as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is pictured here from her all female boarding school in 1984. She is wearing the exact outfit you’d expect any privileged young woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth would be wearing. It’s The Facts Of Life.

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Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote some strange codes in her 1978 high school yearbook. She talks about Whoppers, Janitor Angels, F.C.T.F. and groovechicks. F.C.T.F.? If Kavanaugh’s FFFFFFFourth Of July is a code for “Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them”, then we figure that some of those words are part of F.C.T.F. Can we get Alan Turing in here?

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Why it’s Senator Cory Booker pretending to be Cowboy Troy! In the very least, it’s about as far from the Spartacus look as you can get in this photo. Nothing very incriminating here either, but Booker already told his alma mater’s news journal The Stanford Daily in 1990 that he hated gays growing up. He also admitted to groping a drunk female friend at a New Years Eve party in 1984. So he’s got enough on his plate.

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Ahhh Dick Durbin, such a handsome, clean cut young man with impeccable high school credentials. You’d never know he was slaughtering animals in his off time. The bloodletting probably went a long way towards cutting down opponents in Congress.

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Kamala “The Headhunter” Harris! She’s got some interesting code in her high school yearbook as well. We think she may be a part of the Illuminati. Harris was born in California, but went to high school in Montreal, Canada. Her mother was a Tamil Indian and her father was Jamaican. Not to start that Obama stuff again, but we may want to see a birth certificate.

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Here’s Senator Tim Kaine, the former Vice Presidential running mate of Hillary Clinton, making fun of Asians back in high school.

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Wow, Bernie Sanders! Even then, he looked like he was plotting to take your money and give it to someone else.

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Uh oh Senator Sheldon Whitehouse! The Democratic Senator from Rhode Island seems to have the most damaging high school photos of all! Isn’t he the one that scrutinized Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook the most? Seems Mr. Whitehouse was involved in plenty of toga parties and binge drinking himself. Looks like he and his friends are looking for a little boofing or devil’s triangle themselves. What say you Senator hypocrite?

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Politics. Gotta love ’em…

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Democrats are calling for an open ended, no time frame investigation from the FBI in regard to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. The calls come a mere day or two after they were granted a one week delay so that the FBI could follow up with accusers in the case. One of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys tweeted that the week delay should be extended and open ended yesterday. Today, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Min)stated the investigation should not be limited in scope.

It will be interesting to see how many more voices chime in this week calling for an extension to the delay or if new accusations against Kavanaugh are produced.

Last Second Delay

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The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to push the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination to the main floor of the Senate for confirmation but with a major caveat. Senator Jeff Flake, at the last moment, had a change of heart, and indicated that while he will vote to push the vote to the Senate, that he would NOT vote for Kavanaugh if there is not first a week’s delay so that the FBI could investigate the case one more time.

After yesterday’s emotional hearings with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it appeared as though the confirmation vote was full steam ahead this morning. When a mid-morning vote to have a final vote in the afternoon was approved, several Democratic senators stormed out of the room in protest. Right before the morning session occurred, Senator Flake of Arizona was confronted by victims of sexual assault in the elevator to the committee room, shaming him into a conflict of conscience.

As the afternoon vote approached, Flake spoke with several Democratic senators and it appeared to all that something major was going on. That’s when he expressed his concerns and asked for the delay. Several other GOP senators joined Flake in his request once it was made.

The week delay gives the FBI a chance to interview the four witnesses at the alleged party one more time as well as time to question the additional accusers who have not given testimony in person. Republicans fear that the delay will allow for the Democrats to find additional accusers to fire at Kavanaugh or some other way to smear his reputation.

As of 6pm this afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump have approved the delay and ordered the FBI to make a week long investigation. Brett Kavanaugh has agreed to cooperate.

The soap opera continues…