How About Guantanamo? Or Maybe Alcatraz? Or Rikers? We Can Make It Work…

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65 years ago today, August 22, 1953, the penal colony of Devil’s Island located in French Guiana, off the coast of South America, was closed after over a hundred years of operation. It is considered one of the harshest and most infamous prisons in world history.

Too bad. Seems like it could come in handy these days…

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Guilty Verdicts All Around

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Paul Manafort guilty on 8 charges of tax fraud. Michael Cohen pleads guilty to 8 counts of suppressing information involving a candidate for a federal government position that would be detrimental to their campaign. All signs implicate President Trump.

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Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

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What do you see? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yup, it’s a plane…about to kick your ass out of DC…

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