You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…


Mexican-American stand-up comic and actor George Lopez was arrested at a Hooters in Las Cruces, New Mexico for battery, after getting into a fight with a pro-Trump fan who wanted Lopez’s picture, but when the fan cracked a “Make America Great Again” joke, an altercation ensued, and it all happened while Lopez was in the state because he is filming a faith-based Christian film.

That may be a run on sentence, but boy, was it worth writing out!

11/8/18 – Image Of The Day

85 years ago today, on November 8th, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt launched the Civil Works Administration. The CWA initiative was created to get people back to work during the Great Depression. It was a short lived job program which succeeded in employing millions in manual labor to stir the struggling American economy.

We’ll be happy to take anything remotely civil these days…

Mr. President, I’mma Let You Finish But…

 photo kanye_zpslyebivfd.jpg

President Trump hosted rapper Kanye West and professional football legend Jim Brown at the White House today to discuss the opioid crisis in America and the rising levels of crime in American cities. West opened with a rant which we believe at press time is still going on…

Something about MAGA hats, Colin Kaepernick, liberal racism, fly cars, superheroes, stop and frisk…

…we’d complete the joke, but the joke’s still talking (and we think Jim Brown is getting pissed)…

 photo Jim-Brown-Slaughter-1972-blaxploitation-movie_zpscxeezp7v.jpg

Yacht’s Not To Like

 photo Australia-II-Newport-RI-1983_zpsldajiuct.jpg

On this day, 35 years ago, September 26th, 1983, the unbelievable happened. America lost the America’s Cup. The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy in the world. For more than a hundred years, the trophy was held by the New York Yacht Club in a race which is traditionally held every 3 – 4 years between the best yacht of the defending country and a challenging country. From 1857 until 1983, the New York Yacht Club defended their title 24 straight times; the longest winning streak (by date) in sports history. However, 35 years ago today, that streak was snapped as Australia II won the contest and took the trophy down under.

Although the United States would win the trophy back in 1988, it was the end of a dynasty. Other countries have won the trophy since that time and the America’s Cup is currently held by New Zealand’s yacht club. It…









Oh come on!

 photo MAGA_Hat_Red_zps4i5r81vk.png

Let’s Play Like Perez #8

 photo Social-D01_zpsrhffh37d.jpg

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Singer Mike Ness of the rock band Social Distortion jumped into a Sacramento, California concert crowd and pummeled a Trump supporter who took offense to Ness criticizing the president. The concert goer chose to yell at Ness to just play his music and held up his middle fingers at him for the next two songs. Mr. Ness then chose to jump into the crowd, confront the unhappy concert-goer, spit on him and eventually give him a beat down that he will likely never forget while many in the crowd cheered on. Local police are investigating the incident.

07/08/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

 photo civility_zpsjgyi8svx.png

The arrest of Kino Jimenez in Texas for stealing 16 year old Hunter Richard’s “Make America Great Again” hat and throwing a drink in his face makes this image stand as a larger representation of failing civility and loss of humanity in our world. As Ben Shapiro and Bill Maher square off on the topic of civility on late night TV, the general populace is showing less restraint and less compassion on a daily basis. Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren recently had a drink thrown in her face at a Minneapolis club. Scott Pruitt, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mitch McConnell have been confronted by protesters as they try to eat dinner in public. Athletes commonly have drinks and other items thrown at them by rowdy fans. Even representatives like Maxine Waters have advocated such actions.

There is a fine line disappearing in America. People want to be heard and they feel entitled to making their presence felt by escalating confrontations. There is a lack of listening, compromise, debate and negotiation. It’s going to lead to something even worse than we’ve seen already…

 photo MinorHeartyHamadryad-size_restricted_zps6be4fdv1.gif

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