Don’t Tread On Me Amigos

 photo JulianAssangeHP-629261778_zpscycnoa6q.jpg

Julian Assange, our favorite hermit fugitive and founder of Wikileaks, who has been hiding out in Ecuador’s Embassy in London for the last 6 years to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges, has turned around and started legal proceedings against Ecuador. He alleges the country is denying him his fundamental rights by threatening to remove his protection and cutting off his access to the outside world. He added that the embassy has refused journalists and human rights organizations to see him as well as installed signal jammers to prevent phone calls and internet access.

The case in Sweden has since been dropped but as Assange fears US extradition due to his work with Wikileaks, he has remained in place. Talk about what have you done for me lately!

Boy, an unwanted migrant wearing out their welcome. Julian, Paco, you lost your rights years ago when you holed yourself up in a third world embassy in the name of freedom. And it looks like 6 years of paranoia and agoraphobia are working their way through that genius brain of yours…

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