Age Is Just A Number

Some dumb Dutch man is waging a legal battle to have his age changed from 69 to 45 because he says that he has the body of a 40 year old and the 69 label hurts his chances on Tinder and other social avenues.

We’re obviously not playing with a full deck here folks.

Emile Ratelband argues that if transgender people are allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old.

The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused the amend his age on official documents.

Mr Ratelband’s case has now gone to a court in the city of Arnhmen in the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland.

Ratelband want to identify as a 40-something; we identify him as just another attention seeking asshole.