8/17/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, hero of last year’s Super Bowl versus the New England Patriots suffered a shoulder injury while playing against the same team in a preseason game last night. Further tests will be done to check the extent of the injury…

One question though…why, oh why, would you even play the Super Bowl MVP against the team that is still smarting over losing the big game while playing them in their own house? With Belichick’s shady past, don’t you think there’s a chance they may seek retribution against the guy who cost them another title?

No, we’re not conspiracy theorists…

Get Away From Da Choppas!

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Two unexpected helicopters appeared over Lambeau Field last night as the preseason NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers got underway which sent police scrambling. With 11:53 left in the first quarter and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers having just thrown a touchdown to Tight End Jimmy Graham, two U.S. Navy helicopters appeared over the stadium. Air traffic is typically routed away from the stadium during any scheduled games to prevent potential incidents. The unauthorized flyby had the Wisconsin state police hurriedly trying to find out what was going on. Further investigation discovered that the helicopters made an inadvertent side trip and the matter would continue to be looked into regarding the lapse of protocol.

These Terrible Times sources indicate that Brett Favre had hijacked one of the planes and was attempting to make another NFL comeback…

Cheesy, I know

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What A Jag Off!

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Superstar NFL player Jalen Ramsey, cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, trashed about half the league’s quarterbacks in a recent interview in GQ Magazine. Among his comments were quips that Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco “sucks”, that Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was “decent at best”, that new Buffalo Bills rookie QB Josh Allen was “trash” and that Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan is overrated.

Oof. Someone really ones to play with a target on his back this season! Of course, Flacco has won a Super Bowl, “Big Ben” has won two, Matt Ryan just played in a Super Bowl a year ago and Allen hasn’t even started a game yet. Maybe Ramsey should enter concussion protocol; he may have forgotten the history of the franchise he plays for…

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From Bust To BOOM

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Johnny Manziel started for the Montreal Alouettes Friday night, against his former team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Manziel was traded to Montreal just 14 days ago, and had only practiced with his Alouettes teammates four times before taking the field as their starting quarterback last night.

The Alouettes are bad; a one-win team with the worst point differential in the CFL (Canadian Football League). And Manziel very much didn’t make them any better. The first half was an absolute nightmare: Manziel threw an interception directly into the chest of a dropping linebacker with his very first pass, on Montreal’s second offensive play, his second pick came on a tipped pass; his third came on a bad overthrow; and his fourth interception of the first half came on a bad underthrow.

Manziel finished the half 11-of-20 with 104 yards passing, plus four yards rushing, and with his team in a monstrous 38-3 hole. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman pulled the plug on this experiment at halftime.

Maybe stretch out a little bit more next time Johnny Football…

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A Nice Island To Retire To…

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NFL veteran Darrelle Revis announced his retirement today after 11 years in pro football. One of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game, he played for the New York Jets, New England Patriots (where he won a Super Bowl), Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Known as “Revis Island”, opposing quarterbacks feared throwing in his direction as he was one of the best against the wide receivers he faced. It was only after injury and age caught up to the superstar that his production fell off. His next stop will almost certainly be Canton, Ohio and the football Hall of Fame.

And the Jets ownership should be sent to this island for letting him go in the prime of his career…

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