On A Lighter Wrestling Note…

Current WWE Superstar Kevin Owens challenged 71 year old singer Elton John to a match at Wrestlemania after John was forced to cancel his Orlando, Florida concert 30 minutes after it was supposed to start due to an ear infection. Representatives for Elton John issued an apology to fans saying that the lack of hearing on John’s part could affect the quality of the music and that he wanted to give the audience the best show possible. Both the cancelled Orlando and Tampa Bay Florida shows will be re-scheduled in the near future. Alas, wrestler Owens and his wife were in attendance at the Orlando concert and were none too happy at the late cancellation.

Owens responded on Twitter with these humorous comments to Elton John:

The last time I wore red heart-shaped glasses for another man before tonight was on January 12, 1996 at the Montreal Forum. I was 11 years old. It was for Shawn Michaels!

I’m never wearing red heart-shaped glasses for another man again! @eltonofficial

Hey, @eltonofficial, nobody ruins my wife and I’s date night except me!

You, me…WresteMania.

I’ve fought men in their 70’s before, I can do it again!


We get the feeling the challenge will be spurned, but even so, imagine the hilarious possibilities…

Double Damage

 photo dow_zpswmy8sgzw.jpg

George don’t look happy

A double whammy today in the United States.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped like a brick today due to tech stocks and concerns over rising interest rates.

 photo 200_zpshyxjx44m.gif

Don’t wanna say we told ya so, but…

Meanwhile, Hurricane Michael has struck the Florida panhandle as a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 155 MPH and gusts reaching as high as 175 MPH. Pictures of extensive damage are starting to roll in as the storm continues to move inland and Northwest towards Alabama.

Godspeed to all those in the path of the destruction…

 photo hurricane_zpsf0gehsr4.jpg

Monkey See, Monkey Say, Monkey Do

 photo desantis_zpskryoieef.jpg

Fresh off his stunning upset victory in the Democratic primary for Florida Governor, candidate Andrew Gillum found himself in the spotlight again today for a more despicable reason. His GOP rival Ron DeSantis used a phrase about Gillum which can only be perceived as racist and in the very least, out of touch. DeSantis, when asked about facing Gillum in the race to be the governor of Florida said, that voters would “monkey this up” if they elected his African-American opponent, Andrew Gillum, to be governor.

 photo gillum_zpsg6fl5m2g.jpg

Gillum would become the first African-American governor in Florida history. As for DeSantis, looks like he’s got a new monkey on his back the rest of this campaign season.