Fake News?

For the second time this year, the Time Warner Building that houses CNN in New York City has been evacuated due to a bomb threat. An anonymous caller stated that there were five bombs in the building this evening prompting the evacuation. The NYPD has cleared the facility after several hours.

Wait a second. How is CNN reporting the news if there’s no one in the building to give us the news?

Fake News! (yeah, we know…this is how nonsense like this gets started!)

Full Court Press

A federal judge today ordered the White House and President Trump to return CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass on the grounds the action violated Acosta’s First and Fifth Amendment rights. The court did state that the Trump administration has the right to draw up rules and regulations regarding future press conferences in relation to decorum and what press reporters have access to for future meets. President Trump was quick to say that the White House will draw up these new rules in short order. He also quipped that if Acosta acted out of order again at a Presidential press conference, he would simply be tossed out of the building.

All Hail The Free Press!

Tensions Flaring

Prior to President Trump’s removal of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, he addressed the media regarding the results of the mid-term elections. He chose to tout the victories in the Senate while glossing over the fact that the Democrats had taken control of the House of Representatives. The President then proceeded to outline the path he would like to follow, laying the groundwork for bi-partisan cooperation while warning against any attacks which the Democrats may have planned with their new found power.

When Trump opened his press conference to questions, CNN’s Jim Acosta queried the president about his terming the migrant caravan an “invasion” and then went into a tense back and forth Q&A session which resulted in Acosta refusing to turn over the microphone to a White House intern and the president briefly walking away from the podium. At that point, Acosta attempted to ask the president about the Russia probe and Trump responded that Acosta was a “rude, terrible person” and that CNN was fake news and the enemy of the people.

Nahhhhh, the president isn’t angry at all about yesterday’s results…

Full Court Press

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Nice segue eh? From the Shaq basketball star story to a news pun using basketball terminology! Woooooooooooo!

Oh yeah, the story…

The White House banned a CNN White House reporter from a Rose Garden event after reporter Kaitlan Collins asked President Trump questions at an Oval Office photo op on Wednesday. Collins was representing all the television networks as the “pool reporter” in the room during a meeting between Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission. As is customary, Collins lobbed a few questions at the president. She asked about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen. Trump did not answer the questions.

Later in the afternoon, the White House surprised the press corps by announcing a press availability with Trump and Juncker in the Rose Garden. It was said to be open to all press, not just the small pool. A few minutes later, Collins was asked to come to Bill Shine’s office. Shine, a former co-president of Fox News, is the new deputy chief of staff for communications. Shine and press secretary Sarah Sanders met Collins there.

“They said ‘You are dis-invited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today,'” Collins said in an interview. “They said that the questions I asked were inappropriate for that venue. And they said I was shouting.”

A video clip of the exchange shows that Collins was speaking the same way journalists in the press pool usually speak.

Collins said she reacted by saying, “You’re banning me from an event because you didn’t like the questions I asked.”

Collins said Shine and Sanders asserted that “we’re not banning your network. Your photographers can still come. Your producers can still come. But you are not invited to the Rose Garden today.”

In a statement in response to press inquiries, Sanders confirmed the dis-invitation. She claimed Collins “shouted questions and refused to leave despite repeatedly being asked to do so.”

“To be clear, we support a free press and ask that everyone be respectful of the presidency and guests at the White House,” Sanders said.

Other reporters who were in the room said Collins was perfectly respectful.

In a statement, CNN disputed the White House’s assertion that Collins’ questions were inappropriate.

“Just because the White House is uncomfortable with a question regarding the news of day doesn’t mean the question isn’t relevant and shouldn’t be asked,” the network said. “This decision to bar a member of the press is retaliatory in nature and not indicative of an open and free press. We demand better.”

So much for free press…

Full court press! Full Court Press! Full Court Press!

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Bill Shine and Sarah Sanders