Idol Entitled

Pop punk icon Billy Idol has become a United States citizen. Going the proper legal route into America (cough cough), the 62 year old singer / musician from England took the oath to become American.

Ya know, it’s a nice day to start again…

If this was the Revolutionary era, you could consider this a rebel yell…

We could do this all day…

9/17/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

 photo we_the_people_fb_zps4srmqgza.jpg

It’s Constitution Day today in the United States. The day in which the legal document which established the American government was ratified by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787.

You know what would be nice? If our present day politicians read it every once in a while…

 photo const_zpspagwwrh8.gif

U.S. – China Trade War Heats Up

 photo america-made-in-china_zpsptcfmh2w.jpg

There are going to be some very interesting conflicts between the United States and China in the coming months. Beijing calls it the “biggest trade war in economic history” following the $34 billion worth of tariffs imposed on Chinese goods by the Trump administration.

Better purchase your artificial dog poop and fake plastic vomit now before the prices skyrocket.