12/6/18 – Image Of The Day

A big day if you are the fan of the Rolling Stones. The Stones have announced a new stadium tour for 2019, but looking back on December 6th in their history shows some pivotal moments:

50 years ago today, on December 6th, 1968, the Rolling Stones introduced their excellent album “Beggars Banquet”.

A year later to the day, on December 6th, 1969, the famous Altamont concert took place where the Hells Angels served as security and infamously killed fan Meredith Hunter during the show.

And exactly one year after that concert, on December 6th, 1970, the documentary “Gimme Shelter” featuring the Rolling Stones and detailing the events of the Altamont concert was released.

Put Your Dukes Up

Not one, but two John Wayne films were released on this date…

65 years ago today, on November 27th, 1953, the underrated western “Hondo” starring The Duke premiered. The movie was actually released in the new 3-D format, a relatively new technique at the time.


50 years ago today, on November 27th, 1968, John Wayne appeared in the film “Hellfighters” where he starred as an oil rig firefighter. Sort of a “Deepwater Horizon” of its day…

When Heidi Ruled The Day

50 years ago today, on November 17th, 1968, the famous “Heidi Game” took place. In an AFL football battle between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders, the Jets had a fragile 32-29 lead with a little over a minute left in the game. As 7pm struck on the East Coast, NBC decided to preempt the end of the game to start the family movie “Heidi” on time. Jets fans were left wondering what happened in the final minute of the heated rivalry game.

Well, in that last minute of the game, the Oakland Raiders came back to score not one but two touchdowns and defeat the Jets 43-32. Football fans were furious that they had missed the final moments of the game. The NBC switchboard lit up with angry callers, blowing a fuse in the studio. NBC flashed the message at the bottom of the screen: “SPORTS BULLETIN: RAIDERS DEFEAT JETS 43-32” as the Heidi movie continued.

The rest is history. NBC’s president issued a formal apology to the football going public. Newsman David Brinkley scolded the network the next night and showed the final minute of the Raiders – Jets game that so many had missed.

The Jets would actually get the last laugh. They would meet the Raiders again the AFL Championship Game later in the season and win 27-23 to earn a trip to Super Bowl III where they would win their only Super Bowl in franchise history to date.

You now know why it’s very rare, if ever, an NFL game cuts away from the action for another broadcast.

60 Minutes 50th Anniversary

 photo 60-minutes-433e22ff-4b71-4b5d-9d05-1829d58d7fc-resize-750_zpshho51cwv.jpeg

The long running CBS news program 60 Minutes premiered 50 years ago today on September 24th, 1968. Through the years, it has presented numerous interviews, intriguing news stories, it’s own share of controversy, Andy Rooney and a host of well…hosts.

 photo MAG-1017-60-Minutes-SS03_zpslzxfdidz.jpg

Yup, every kid’s favorite Sunday evening program since 1968.