Hot Air Or Thin Air?

You would think that at holiday time, business would be booming for delivery services such as Federal Express and the United Parcel Service. Both companies see an uptick at this time due to the amount of packages and gifts being sent all over the country and around the world.

Don’t tell Wall Street that though…

The stock market dropped like a brick yet again today on uncertainty over U.S. – China trade issues. Amidst that drop, stocks for Fed Ex and UPS tanked; partially due to the tariff issue, but also because rumors are spreading that Amazon is about to increase their air freight service, which would be a crushing blow to the delivery business. If Amazon moves from leasing its delivery modes of transport to outright owning them, they have the power and revenue to easily outpace the UPS and Fed Ex’s of the world.

Ahhh Amazon, you are becoming a monopoly unto thyself…

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