Tensions Flaring

Prior to President Trump’s removal of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, he addressed the media regarding the results of the mid-term elections. He chose to tout the victories in the Senate while glossing over the fact that the Democrats had taken control of the House of Representatives. The President then proceeded to outline the path he would like to follow, laying the groundwork for bi-partisan cooperation while warning against any attacks which the Democrats may have planned with their new found power.

When Trump opened his press conference to questions, CNN’s Jim Acosta queried the president about his terming the migrant caravan an “invasion” and then went into a tense back and forth Q&A session which resulted in Acosta refusing to turn over the microphone to a White House intern and the president briefly walking away from the podium. At that point, Acosta attempted to ask the president about the Russia probe and Trump responded that Acosta was a “rude, terrible person” and that CNN was fake news and the enemy of the people.

Nahhhhh, the president isn’t angry at all about yesterday’s results…

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