Movie Review – Halloween (2018)

 photo 91n8anBKD4L._SL1500__zpse2avzkev.jpg

Halloween (2018) – Don’t believe the hype. This Halloween is an OK, tired retread that doesn’t really add anything new to the franchise. Despite earning over 75 plus million dollars in its opening weekend and getting positive reviews from critics, in all honesty, if you’ve seen one Halloween film, you’ve seen this one too. It’s that familiar. Ignoring virtually all of the sequels since the first two films came out in 1978 and 1981, we find Michael Myers incarcerated for 40 years at the local institution for the criminally insane. Two English bloggers who fancy themselves as investigative reporters visit Haddonfield, Illinois to try and get an inside scoop on the 1978 Halloween murders which happened in that town. They visit both the imprisoned Myers and the very paranoid and guarded Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis giving us her best Linda Hamilton Terminator 2 impression). The bloggers learn that Michael Myers is about to be transferred to another prison which has Strode on edge. Of course, he escapes, kills everyone in his path and makes his way to Haddonfield to kill the rest of the Strode family. Laurie Strode’s daughter is estranged from her mother because she thinks she’s crazy but her granddaughter somewhat believes her despite being torn between grandma and mom. We get all the familiar trappings of this franchise: the loose babysitter, the cop who was on the scene when Myers was first arrested, a new stand-in for the deceased Dr. Loomis, and a bunch of “subtle” scenes which allude to the original movie. It all culminates in a final battle between good and evil at Laurie Strode’s home which has been weaponized and booby-trapped in case Myers ever came after them. While technically there’s nothing really wrong with this production (outside of one too many glaring police lights), it just lacks scares, suspense or the surprises which accompanied the original film. At least a sequel like Halloween: H20 which came out at the 20 year anniversary, while also inferior to the original, gave us some twists and a new environment. The 40th anniversary film just feels unoriginal and tired.

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