20 Years Of Orgazmo

 photo 9ab72f7d-a77d-4f7d-b19e-8fd4fe45f7f9_1.318e4e7b8eaf06df7984d8ba8dc454ff_zpsf3k2fabi.jpeg

Although it first premiered at the 1997 Toronto Film Festival, the Trey Parker and Matt Stone comedy opened in the United States 20 years ago today on October 23rd, 1998. Parker and Stone are most notable as the creators of the hit animated series South Park, but have also delved into feature films such as Cannibal! The Musical and Baseketball as well as Broadway with The Book of Mormon.

Orgazmo tells the story of two door to door Mormon missionaries who solicit the wrong house and end up being persuaded to star in a pornographic film. Various set hijinks and raunch ensue. The Mormons are conflicted by their participation in the porno as it conflicts with their beliefs, but they decide to play the pornographic superheroes to earn enough money for an upcoming wedding. The film was slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating at the time of its release.

In this #MeToo age, I’d be surprised if a production like this could be made again.

 photo bad-bad-mormon_zpseycfhs0q.gif

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