Wall To Wall Coverage Of The Border

 photo https_2F2Fcdn.cnn.com2Fcnnnext2Fdam2Fassets2F181018125622-14-migrant-caravan-1018_zpstyi7xxa6.jpg

We all know how President Trump feels about the U.S. border with Mexico and his desire to build a wall there to stem illegal immigration in the name of national security.

Well, that desire is now truly being put to the test as a large caravan of migrant refugees approach the border, fleeing civil unrest and strife in nations such as Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela. There are thousands attempting to cross the border and a potential humanitarian crisis has the chance to rise from the situation. So much so that President Trump today declared that he is considering CLOSING the U.S. – Mexico border and sending troops to enforce the order.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming days. With the mid-term elections approaching, this could be a serious bend or break moment for the President. If the GOP maintains control of Congress after the November elections, you can expect to see a speedy start to construction of the border wall. If not, Trump may be helplessly watching as thousands of potential Democrats stream over the border.

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