A Giant Headache

 photo eagles-giants2_zpsc0vwowvk.jpg

Last night, the New York Giants got absolutely stomped by the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles 34-13 at Met Life Stadium. In the off-season, Giants officials publicly told everyone under the sun that the team was one running game away from competing for a Super Bowl. Well, it appears that while the Giants have acquired a running game, they have completely fallen off in every other facet of the sport. Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley had a fabulous night, but the rest of the team struggled again. Quarterback Eli Manning looked lost, his offensive line failed to block, the wide receivers were unable to get their hands on the ball and the defensive secondary looked like Swiss cheese. Meanwhile, second year Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz looked the best he has all year since returning from last year’s season ending injury.

At 1-5, the New York Giants pretty much announced to the entire league that they are on the clock and will be drafting the highest ranking quarterback available in the next NFL draft.

Eli Manning insisted he can still play after the game.

You can’t spell Denial without Eli.

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