Music Hall Of Fame Nominations 2019

 photo 1050x550-group_1_zps3cbgls6s.jpg

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominations were announced today for induction into the Cleveland, Ohio area museum in 2019. The top 5 artists voted by fans and additional Hall of Fame voters will be inducted with the announcement coming in December 2018 and the ceremonies in early 2019.

Let’s face it. It’s the MUSIC HALL OF FAME. It long stopped being the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame years ago. When Madonna is inducted into the Hall of Fame ahead of the Stooges, you are no longer rock n roll. When Tupac Shakur is inducted before the Moody Blues or Dire Straits, you are no longer rock and roll. When artists like Joan Baez, N.W.A., and Percy freakin’ Sledge are considered Rock And Roll, well, that’s just nonsense. It’s the Music Hall Of Fame and we shall call it as such!

This year’s nominees include:

Def Leppard, Devo, Janet Jackson, John Prine, Kraftwerk, LL Cool J, MC5, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Roxy Music, Stevie Nicks, The Cure, Todd Rundgren, Rufus & Chaka Khan and the Zombies.

If we had a vote, our top 5 would be

1. Def Leppard

2. Radiohead

3. Roxy Music

4. The Zombies

5. Rage Against The Machine (just for the chance to potentially see the band reunite for the induction ceremony!)

 photo 9b6872ab5830ce8d71a092e5873f7892_zpsxkpejr8s.gif

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