And To No One’s Surprise…

 photo sandiego_zpsvz9l5wd7.jpg

The FBI supplemental report for the Senate Judiciary Committee in regards to the Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination came back today and as expected, uncovered no new information. The bureau found no corroborating evidence against Kavanaugh and essentially, we are right back to where we were when Jeff Flake flaked out a week ago.

Republicans immediately announced they were pushing forward with the vote on Kavanaugh over the weekend. Democrats immediately stated that the report was too limited and short in scope, ignoring the calls of the people. Those people could be heard outside the Senate and through the halls of Congress today as thousands protested against the Kavanaugh hearings in support of sexual assault victims.

Yup, gonna be an interesting weekend…

 photo kav2_zpsubagut2g.jpg

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