Bloody Good Show

 photo ebola_zpswfzigvmr.jpg

Well, not so good really.

The World Health Organization has announced a “perfect storm” of factors arising in Africa, particularly in the Congo, where the Ebola disease is spreading. And they say it could get a lot worse quickly.

Ebola virus disease has sickened 150 people and caused the deaths of at least 69 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northeastern region, the nation’s Ministry of Health reported Monday.

Of these 150 cases, 119 have been confirmed and 31 are probable. An additional 31 deaths have occurred among probable and suspected cases, which would bring total Ebola deaths to 100 once confirmed. Forty-one people have recovered, according to the ministry.

After weeks of control efforts having made impact, concerns are the outbreak could now worsen due to attacks in the region, movement of people and distrust in the community. Due to years of war, conflict and strife, there are deep divisions in the area which will make quarantine and safety outreach much more difficult. The chaos in the Congo could allow for infected persons to flee and spread the sickness to neighboring areas.

 photo death_zpswxkjqom8.gif

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