Happy National Dogs In Politics Day

 photo National-Checkers-Day-and-Dogs-in-Politics-Day-September-23_zpsykccbhr6.jpg

Oh dear Lord. Who came up with this one?

Yeah, plenty of dogs in political history. Warren G. Harding had Laddie Boy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dog Fala is immortalized besides FDR in Washington DC. Richard Nixon gave a famous speech about his dog Checkers. In more recent years, George H.W. Bush had Millie, Bill Clinton had Buddy and Barack Obama had Bo and Sunny. Pooches galore.

Yup, you can still find plenty of bitches in the government system these days:

 photo datawwwnj-cmsnjmedia_filesa7149f6cdd8345dc9036c4e374f427bb_supreme_court_kavanaugh_66566_6000x4000.jpg.optimized_zpsytirygod.jpg

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