9/22/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

 photo ngm-1985-jun.ngsversion.1492183063337.adapt.1900.1_zpsklytaite.jpg

No metaphor today; just a simple shout out and tribute.

130 years ago today, on September 22nd, 1888, the very first issue of National Geographic Magazine was published. Over the years, the magazine (and later television / video) has given humanity some of the most amazing images the world has ever seen. We have always admired the stunning camera work of photographers and videographers who have worked for National Geographic. From arctic tundras to arid deserts, from ocean depths to the birds of the sky, to foreign cultures and great innovations, National Geographic provides us intelligence, beauty and knowledge from its own unique viewpoint. Kudos to National Geographic Magazine and its employees – past and present.

 photo natgeo_zpstutd90fv.gif

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