The Handmaid’s Fail

 photo handmaids_zpsqg5poytr.jpg

Online retailer Yandy has caved to social media pressure and pulled a sexy version of the outfit worn in the hit Hulu television program “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The show centers around a dystopian society where only select few women in the future remain fertile and are oppressed into a separate class to keep up the promulgation of the species. Against their will, they are raped, impregnated and forced to give birth. Protesters declared there is nothing sexy about an outfit which symbolizes the oppression of women. A number of protesters have appeared in the red, conservative garb (not the sexy version sold by Yandy) at the Kavanaugh hearings and other high profile events regarding women’s rights.

Honestly, the main reason for the backlash is most likely that most of the protesting feminists out there are too ugly and rotund to pull it off…

 photo UQLIOe0_zpslnvpncdc.gif

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