The Historic Moon Kim Summit

 photo koreas_zpsyb2kygm9.jpg

The leader of South Korea Moon Jae-in met with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in a historic summit today in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. The two leaders embraced and Jae-in was given a warm welcome as he attempts to continue negotiations with the hermit state to the north. Ever since negotiations between North Korea and the United States have stalled, primarily over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, South Korea has been the nation caught in the middle. Jae-in took it upon himself to travel to the North Korean capital in a conciliatory gesture to rev up talks about national security, and possibly, even steps towards re-unification.

Not that most Americans would know. Despite a historic day, U.S. media outlets are still playing grab ass over Brett Kavanaugh, preferring conjecture and editorial opinion over truly historic events.

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