Fight Of The Year?

 photo ramirezorozco_zpsimlfq9ez.jpg

It’s rare for the hyped, big name match-ups in boxing to become fight of the year candidates. These fights tend to arrive from lesser watched weight classes and names that aren’t well known to general audiences outside the sport. Such is the case with last night’s Jose Ramirez – Antonio Orozco fight on ESPN. The junior welterweight champion Ramirez defended his title in an unanimous decision win, but that doesn’t give justice to the hard-hitting action between these two fighters. For 12 rounds, both boxers left it all in the ring, pounding each other mercilessly with blows to head and body. Orozco was knocked down twice, in the 4th and 8th rounds, but recovered each time and took it to Ramirez. Those knockdowns were the key factor in Ramirez getting the unanimous win from the judges. This is the kind of fight most WANT to see, but rarely get in Pay-Per-View events.

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