A Punch To The Ego

 photo flor_zps3stalaz1.jpg

We’ve got a boxing themed blog day today! As Hurricane Florence continues to swirl over the Carolinas, dumping tons of rain over the area, attention is turning from the high winds and storm conditions to flooding. The Fayetteville, North Carolina area earlier today announced mandatory evacuations as fears that the Cape Fear River will overflow continued to grow. Flooding is already heavy in parts of the state while rains are still expected to fall for another 12 hours in the very least. Overflowing rivers would be a knockout blow (see what we did there?)

On a somewhat lighter note, a Weather Channel weatherman has been accused by social media of dramatizing the storm for effect. He is seen struggling against heavy winds until the camera catches two teens casually walking behind him with no effort at all. Of course, the fake news crazies have come out of the woodwork with this story! The Weather Channel released a statement that the weather reporter was on slick, wet grass and had been reporting since 1am in the morning while the teens were walking on cement in an attempt to quell the controversy. In any case, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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