9/14/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

 photo 2829437_zpsmiis1xvb.jpg

A little jazz from time to time is good for the soul.

On September 14, 1959, the album “Mingus Ah Um” by Charles Mingus was released. It is considered among the greatest jazz recordings of all time.

One of the tracks on the record is this one entitled “Fables Of Faubus”. Orval E. Faubus was a Governor of Arkansas who, in 1957, infamously defied a U.S. Supreme Court decision to integrate schools in Little Rock. Ultimately, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was forced to federalize the Arkansas National Guard and deploy elements of the 101st Airborne Division to carry out the law. Faubus was known to give a variety of denials and excuses for his actions; everything from “usurpation of power by the Federal government”, civilian mob mentality, lack of resources, political rivalry and even rash fallout from the Brown Vs. Board Of Education decision.

With the issue of racism ever in the forefront in America, the heated partisan divide over Supreme Court justices and a Commander-In-Chief who lies and denies through his teeth, this seemed fitting for the day.

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