A Contentious Beginning

 photo kavanaugh_zpsfmmavhat.jpg

The proceedings to appoint Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court began today with the circus-type atmosphere that could only arrive with a Donald Trump presidential administration. The Senate Judiciary Committee started with what was, in essence, a filibuster, as numerous Democratic Senators interrupted Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley as he attempted to begin things with his opening statement. As the Democratic challenges to postpone and delay the hearing began to wane, protesters from the public gallery began shouting and interrupting the proceedings with Capitol police escorting said persons out at what seemed to be every 10-20 minutes. The rest of the day rotated between praise of Kavanaugh’s record by GOP senators and calls for delays and recesses, along with a bit of fear-mongering relating to loss of liberties and citizen rights from Democratic senators. It was a partisan showcase all the way. The rest of the week should be just as explosive…

 photo 4XKSGE3FFIYJ7FZUA54Z75JX44_zpsaamma76o.jpg

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