You’re Not Funny Bishop Groper

 photo grande_zpsxmdzz4oz.jpg

Dude, you do realize there is a serious church scandal going on already right? Religion doesn’t need any more bad press Brother…

By the way, Ariana licked your donut when you weren’t looking…

 photo bill1a_zpszsjcpakk.jpg

Ironically, former Groper-In-Chief Bill Clinton was in the audience right behind Ariana Grande during Aretha Franklin’s funeral ceremonies and ogled the young starlet during her entire rendition of Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”

 photo ariana-grande-pete-davidson-1532982010_zpsdihlxblw.jpg

When asked if Bishop Ellis’s cringe-worthy jokes and his creeper contact with his fiancee were offensive, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson responded, “I’m not offended about the bishop’s actions as much as I am offended as a comedian”…

Ahhh, the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld…

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