9/24/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

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What the F- is That?

Well, that is apparently the new mascot of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers named Gritty. Apparently he’s a black and orange creature meant to inspire a professional hockey team and its fans.

Looks like something Jim Henson left on the cutting room floor.

Whew. Could be the worst marketing mistake in the hockey world since this doozy:

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Dazed And Confused At 25

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One of the funniest films of the 1990s, director Richard Linklater’s “Dazed And Confused” premiered 25 years ago today on September 24th, 1993. The movie starred Jason London, Milla Jovovich, Parker Posey, Rory Cochrane, Adam Shapiro, Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey among many others depicting the last day of high school in 1976. The interactions of various classmates and underclassmen as they prepare for one big summer night’s fling is the focus of the feature. Featuring an incredible classic rock soundtrack, memorable one-liners and a variety of funny hijinks. Highly recommended if you are one of the few who have never seen it – still holds up very well today!

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A Live Look In At The U.S. Senate Floor

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New allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh appeared today alleging additional sexual misconduct in addition to the initial charge brought by Christine Blasey Ford. While Ford’s accusations allegedly occurred in high school, the new accuser Deborah Ramirez states that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while students at Yale University. The story first appeared in The New Yorker magazine which faced immediately scrutiny for publishing the accusation due to uncorroborated details. Most media outlets refused to publish the story because of the inability to substantiate the claims, but the New Yorker carried it.

In addition, Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti claimed to have another accuser he is representing who says that Kavanaugh ran a date rape ring with colleagues in the past. Once again, the claims have been unsubstantiated and no evidence has yet to be presented.

Republicans and Kavanaugh went on the defensive today against the rising tide of public opposition as well as the new allegations. Brett Kavanaugh penned a letter to the heads of the Senate Judiciary Committee reiterating his innocence. Kavanaugh and his wife later appeared in a prime-time interview on Fox News proclaiming the judge’s innocence and claiming all of the accusations were a smear campaign to keep him from the Supreme Court.

President Trump once again backed Kavanaugh stating he has full faith in his nominee while GOP Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell proclaimed a left-wing conspiracy against Kavanaugh. McConnell went so far as to proclaim from the Senate floor that the Kavanaugh vote will happen soon and he should pass through without issue.

Contentious conversations and arguments continue on the U.S. Senate floor. Let’s take a live look in:

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60 Minutes 50th Anniversary

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The long running CBS news program 60 Minutes premiered 50 years ago today on September 24th, 1968. Through the years, it has presented numerous interviews, intriguing news stories, it’s own share of controversy, Andy Rooney and a host of well…hosts.

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Yup, every kid’s favorite Sunday evening program since 1968.

9/23/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

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Another movie release anniversary! Thirty years ago today saw the release of director David Cronenberg’s twisted film “Dead Ringers” starring Jeremy Irons at his creepy best.

The synopsis?

Elliot and Beverly Mantle (both played by Irons) are identical twins and gynecologists who jointly operate a highly successful clinical practice in Toronto that specializes in the treatment of female fertility problems. Elliot, the more confident and cynical of the two, seduces women who come to the Mantle Clinic. When he tires of them, the women are passed on to the shy and passive Beverly, while the women remain unaware of the substitution.

The film follows the brothers as they sexually manipulate an actress who comes to them for help and then who attempts to uncover abuses at the clinic after she discovers how she has been used.

Talk about an anti- #MeToo movement movie. Show this at a feminist meeting and you’ll have riots in the streets.

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Weekend Football News And Notes

Plenty of action over the weekend in college and professional football.

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In the college ranks, the big story of Saturday was the upset of #13 Virginia Tech by unranked Old Dominion University. Old Dominion was a 29 point underdog, but scored 28 points in the 4th quarter of the game to stun the undefeated-no-more Hokies.

The #7 Stanford Cardinals overcame a 17 point deficit at halftime on the road in one of the loudest stadiums in college football, defeating the #20 Oregon Ducks in overtime 38-31.

The Black Knights of Army gave the #5 Oklahoma Sooners a scare on their home turf, taking it to overtime with their triple option threat, but the Sooners prevailed with a late stand 28-21.

And while most of the top teams won easily, there were several teams with undefeated records entering the weekend who garnered their first losses including Missouri, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Iowa and Indiana.

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On the pro side of things, there were plenty of surprises and upsets in this third week of the NFL season.

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons 43-37 on the road in overtime in an exciting shootout game.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes continued his hot start to the season throwing another 3 TDs as they defeated the San Francisco 49ers 38-27. Worse for the Niners, their starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo may be lost for the season with a serious knee injury.

The winless Buffalo Bills shocked the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis, dominating the Vikes for a 27-6 victory.

The New York Giants got their first win of the season defeating the Houston Texans 27-22 in Texas.

And Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz made a successful comeback today with a 20-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Bad Timing Buc-O’s

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A group of pirates attacked a Swiss cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria on Saturday, kidnapping 12 crew members in a region that has seen dozens of similar attacks so far this year.

The MV Glarus was carrying wheat between Lagos and Port Harcourt when it was attacked and boarded by pirates, who took 12 of the 19 crew members, the ship’s operator said.

Sorry fellas, you missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day by about 5 days and the Somali Pirate craze by about 5 years…

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The Ultimate Fake News Movie

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Eddie And The Cruisers opened 35 years ago today on September 23rd, 1983. The film bombed on its initial release, but found renewed cult status through the years due to home video. Starring Michael Pare, the film is the account of a fictional band whose lead singer Eddie Wilson has gone missing. A television reporter played by actress Ellen Barkin attempts to solve the mystery of his disappearance and we get the story of the band through flashbacks.

Many thought that the film was about a real person and a real band at the time of its release. Despite being advertised that way, the movie was based on the novel by P.F. Kluge. Whatever you feel about the feature, it did spawn one hell of a soundtrack by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.