Movie Review – The Meg

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The Meg – By all accounts, this is a terrible movie. The acting is terrible, the dialogue insipid, the story dumb and the effects mediocre at best. And yet, in spite of myself, I found myself mildly entertained. Now let’s get this straight: I wasn’t on the edge of my seat nor was I fascinated by amazing visuals or enraptured with a quality plot. None of these things apply. Really, I was just amused at the whole audacity that this thing even got made. There’s a reason why a film like “Sharknado” has spawned multiple sequels. Some people just want fun nonsense in which not a single brain cell is used. And that’s ok. Sometimes you just need a good veg movie. And that’s what the Meg is. Jason Statham (not the highest caliber of actor) is a deep sea rescue operative who is haunted by the fact that he was not able to save all of the crew in his last mission. Worse, no one believes him that a giant creature attacking the ship was the reason he had to leave some behind. Meanwhile, a maritime exploration team funded by a billionaire (Rainn Wilson as a Richard Branson type) has discovered a rift in the ocean floor which covers an aquatic world sealed off by time. Upon breaching this rift, they discover a world of aquatic species long thought extinct. However, the beautiful world becomes a nightmare when they realize that not all of the creature life is friendly. Among these creatures is the long thought extinct Megalodon, the biggest shark to ever roam the Earth; a creature so big that it would prey on whales. Statham’s bug out character is recruited to save a stranded team stuck in the rift and unfortunately, as they make their escape, the creatures follow and are now out in the open ocean and on the attack. Mayhem ensues. The cast is obviously having fun with this material as none of the story is serious by any stretch of the imagination. There’s a lot of lame humor, bad quips and groan worthy CGI to last the rest of the summer. But if you kind of liked movies like Deep Blue Sea or Piranha 3D, this is in a similar mode. A big prehistoric beast of a movie that should be extinct but adds up to a massive guilty pleasure.

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