Get Away From Da Choppas!

 photo flyover_zps5hxdiip3.jpg

Two unexpected helicopters appeared over Lambeau Field last night as the preseason NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers got underway which sent police scrambling. With 11:53 left in the first quarter and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers having just thrown a touchdown to Tight End Jimmy Graham, two U.S. Navy helicopters appeared over the stadium. Air traffic is typically routed away from the stadium during any scheduled games to prevent potential incidents. The unauthorized flyby had the Wisconsin state police hurriedly trying to find out what was going on. Further investigation discovered that the helicopters made an inadvertent side trip and the matter would continue to be looked into regarding the lapse of protocol.

These Terrible Times sources indicate that Brett Favre had hijacked one of the planes and was attempting to make another NFL comeback…

Cheesy, I know

 photo favre_zpskhra8gie.jpg

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