The Bird Is The Word

 photo sikh_zpsoqyofyws.jpg

Tyrone Keith McAllister, 18 year old estranged son of Union City police Chief Darryl McAllister, allegedly attacked a 71-year-old Sikh man in Manteca, California. He appeared in court Friday, smiling and waving his middle fingers at media cameras, a report said. Tyrone McAllister and a 16 year old unnamed friend approached the 71 year old Sikh man at approximately 6am asking for money. When refused, they attacked Sahib Singh Natt, knocking him to the ground, kicking him and waving a gun in his face.

So what’s worse as a parent?

 photo lets-make-a-deal-doors_zpsbzxs9zkv.jpg

Behind door number 1 we have the embarrassment of the sheer violence of the crime by the child of a man sworn to protect and serve the community as a law enforcement officer.

Behind door number 2 we have the fact that junior is showing absolutely no remorse in court, smiling like a fool and flashing gang signs like an immature idiot.

Behind door number 3 is the likely conclusion that Tyrone thought that he was attacking a Muslim but he’s just too dumb to realize that a Sikh is actually a man of Indian heritage.

Take all the time in the world while picking an answer. We’ll leave you with a song while you mull our query…

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