Omarosa Becoming A World Class Pain In The Ass

 photo unhinged_zpseo8xuned.png

Well, at least her book picked the perfect adjective for this administration…

Ever since Omarosa Manigault-Newman most recently heard the words “You’re Fired” from Donald Trump, she has been nothing but a mighty thorn in the side of the President. Her new book “Unhinged” fires all sorts of accusations against the Trump administration including claims that the President is mentally unfit and that she was offered her White House job and hush money in exchange for her silence.

Apparently, Trump has never heard that you can’t silence a proud, black woman. Buying her silence is a virtual impossibility. You only have yourself to blame. In a world where everything is a television reality show, loyalty is about as shallow as can be…but hey, fake news – let’s reminisce on the good times:

 photo 1468867676194.cached_zpsv8gfnmwy.jpg

 photo newman_zpsihvxsx9r.gif

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