Movie Review – The Spy Who Dumped Me

 photo spy_zpshrwk6nqe.jpg

The Spy Who Dumped Me – Mediocre, somewhat disappointing action / comedy starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon as two best friends who get caught up in international intrigue. When Audrey’s (Kunis) boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux) dumps her via text right before her birthday, her best friend Morgan (McKinnon) goes out of her way to make her happy and forget the ex. Morgan grabs Audrey’s phone and sends one last text to Drew saying they are burning his stuff and saying goodbye forever. Alas, as Drew gets the message, he is in the middle of fleeing some bad guys over in Europe and he tries to explain that he’s sorry but the girls are having none of it. With Drew on the run, Audrey is suddenly kidnapped at work and told that her ex is a CIA operative working a mission in Europe. Once let go, Audrey immediately tells her friend Morgan and Drew appears out of nowhere to explain what is going on. Of course, the bad guys have followed Drew, trying to acquire a top secret flash drive he has obtained and now they are after the girlfriends as well. With Drew suddenly eliminated by the baddies, the girls try to complete his mission in Vienna Austria. This leads to gunfights, car chases and other mayhem. Although The Spy Who Dumped Me is adequately made, this is pretty standard stuff. One can live with a predictable narrative if there’s plenty of humor and action thrown in, but unfortunately, most of the jokes fall flat here and the action is relatively short lived. Kunis and McKinnon also show a surprising lack of chemistry for two women who are supposed to be best friends. The supporting men are stiffs and even the bad guys are vanilla. Yes, you’ll have a couple of chuckles here and there but when there’s more action sequences of note than actual laughs in a film primarily advertised as a comedy, you know you are in trouble. Kunis is a pretty face but her acting chops are lacking while McKinnon is a talented comedienne who has yet to come across a quality project to showcase her skills. This is a forgettable, rainy day time waster and little more.

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