8/5/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

 photo Wiki-background_zps2wgoxmrx.jpg

 photo venz_zpstrw7jofn.jpg

Six people have been arrested today for the Saturday assassination attempt against President Maduro of Venezuela. Several drones armed with explosives were launched towards the pavilion where Maduro was giving a speech in front of a military parade in the capital city of Caracas. Nicolas Maduro has stated that he blamed far-right elements and Colombia’s outgoing president, Juan Manuel Santos. Those arrested are accused of “terrorism and assassination,” Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said Sunday. One drone exploded in the sky above the president, startling him and his wife and sending soldiers on the ground scattering. Seven people were hurt during the event.

Venezuela has been struck by massive economic problems and political turmoil since the death of their leader Hugo Chavez in 2013. Needless to say, they sorely miss the Socialist dictator..

 photo HugoChavez_zpswl49u3z7.jpg

…still, murder by drone…pretty innovative…

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