Pays To Be A Double A

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Two days after Aaron Rodgers signed the most lucrative deal in NFL history, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has signed a six year deal worth $135 million dollars making him the highest paid defensive player of all time. $87 million of the $135 is guaranteed.

Donald, a three-time All-Pro, four-time Pro Bowl selection and 2014 Defensive Rookie of the Year, has 39 career sacks and nine forced fumbles.

What’s in a name? Apparently a ton of cash if you play professional football and your first name starts with double “A’s”.

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Movie Review – Searching

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Searching – Excellent mystery / suspense film about a widowed father desperately looking for his missing 16 year old daughter in the media and internet age. What could have easily been a gimmick movie is grounded by a sharp, clever script and a tightly constructed production. Actor John Cho (of Harold and Kumar fame) plays David Kim, a father who is trying to raise his daughter Margot the best he can while grieving for his recently widowed wife. One night, Margot never comes home after an after school study class. As the hours pass, David becomes more worried and more desperate. After calling everyone he knows in his frantic search, he finally calls the police and enlists the help of a detective played by actress Debra Messing. While the detective conducts the ground level investigation for the missing girl, David explores Margot’s social media world and begins to realize that he really doesn’t know his daughter. He begins to question every contact he can find leading him to various dead ends, potential motives and devious behavior. I’ll stop there because the twists that arrive at this point you will not see coming for a thousand miles, and they’re GOOD twists. Not the kind that makes you roll your eyes. The entire film is made to appear as if it is being viewed through various forms of modern technology (basically taking the idea from horror movie “Unfriended”) and expanding it to every format you can think of: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Venmo, etc. etc. If this film should be considered for any kind of award, look no further than best editing. It’s a marvel of a production. This is smart, sophisticated filmmaking where, even though I didn’t totally buy the final denouement, the journey presented is crafted so brilliantly, you end up admiring the production on the whole.

8/30/18 – Image Metaphor Of The Day

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100 years ago today, on August 30th, 1918, a counter-revolutionary named Fanny Kaplan attempted to assassinate Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin in Moscow. The attempt failed but Lenin was grievously wounded and he sought retribution for his injury. The result was known as the “Red Terror”. The Bolsheviks (especially their secret police) initiated a campaign of fear and mass murder in the country, primarily against the counter-revolutionaries competing for power (known as the White Movement), but also against anyone who stood in their way. An estimated 100,000 to 200,000 Russians died in the reprisals.

It’s a striking image, but it also reflects the social, cultural and political climate of the world today. Just a little over 4 years before the assassination attempt on Lenin, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by an anarchist and plunged the globe into World War I. You look at the current events today – White Power and Antifa, tumult in the Roman Church, rising and falling dictatorships, power grabs, megalomaniacs leading countries, etc. etc.

It only takes one instant, one spark, one moment in time to spark something disastrous. Whether it be war, anarchy, riots or another social disturbance, bad things can happen at a moment’s notice.

Have we learned nothing from our history?

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College Football Season Gets Into Full Swing Tonight!

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After a smattering of minor college games this past weekend, the NCAA college football season really gets into high gear tonight and this weekend with a full slate of match ups. Tonight, last season’s lone undefeated team – the University of Central Florida – kicks off the 2018 season at the University of Connecticut. Also a rarity in the first week of a season, an in-conference Big 10 match-up between Northwestern and Purdue. This Saturday, Sunday and Monday all have quality match-ups on the docket with some of the biggest including Washington at Auburn, Michigan at Notre Dame, the Miami Hurricanes and LSU from Texas (Sunday) and Virginia Tech at Florida State Monday night. Check your local listings for exact times!

PS: If you are not a college football fan, the NFL season kicks off a week from today!

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