MoviePass(ed on)

 photo moviepass_zpsdmugztws.jpg

Moviepass – the too good to be true movie theater admission service which allowed patrons to pay $9.95 a month to see as many movies as they wanted at local multiplexes appears to have been just that. The service crashed yesterday and has continued into today. As of approximately 40 minutes ago, Moviepass was saying that the service was back up although certain movie screenings would be off limits. Apparently, the company borrowed $5 million to halt the outage and keep the service running for the short term. However, in another ominous turn, the Moviepass stock fell from $7 a share to $3.58 by mid morning just after the stock was split earlier in the week.

 photo pass_zps775mqycg.jpg

These Terrible Times utilizes Moviepass and we were unable to use the service today for its viewing of the new Mission Impossible movie.

The future looks bleak…

 photo death_zpswv8ujqdv.gif

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