You’re Full Of дерьмо!

 photo putinkraft_zpsojduuv1j.jpg

Nyet! I didn’t steal Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. It was a gift.

 photo putinlitvinenko_zpsdftidxet.jpg

Nyet! Russia was not involved in the poisoning of Litvinenko in any way.

 photo putinmalay_zpsic6t4pls.jpg

Nyet! Russia had no involvement whatsoever in the crash of Malaysia Flight 17.

 photo putinukraine_zpsl7rdthoj.jpg

Nyet! There are no Russian forces in the Ukraine.

 photo putinsyria_zps8vomhgwd.jpg

Nyet! Russia is not involved in Syria on the ground.

 photo putinpoison_zps6ela7rkw.jpg

Nyet! It is absurd to suggest Russia had anything to do with the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal

 photo putinolympics_zps7z7zavyu.jpg

Nyet! There is no evidence of Russian doping in any capacity.

 photo putinpoison2_zpsfioff8vh.png

Enough!!! We’ve experienced Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. We know a liar when we see one!

 photo 2016-09-05T22-53-31-733Z--1280x720.nbcnews-fp-360-200_zps5ccemefi.jpg

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