Blame Those Canadian Hosers!

 photo canada_zpsq3ujgdq2.jpg

America’s neighbors up north are really sticking it to the United States this Sunday. First Prime Minister Trudeau’s 13 billion dollars worth of tariffs on U.S. goods takes effect in response to Trump’s aluminum and steel tariffs. That includes a variety of products including maple syrup, toilet paper, coffee beans, strawberry jam and other items.

Even worse, the Canadians have snatched away one of the top NHL hockey talents – John Tavares of the New York Islanders. Tavares, who grew up in Toronto, is returning home to play for his childhood team, after signing a 7 year deal which nets the superstar $11 million dollars annually.

 photo tavares_zpscrwh84fh.jpg

Hiking up U.S. prices in a trade war and turning one of our hockey teams into garbage. You Canucks are enjoying this, eh?

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