Movie Review – Sicario: Day Of The Soldado

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Sicario: Day Of The Soldado – Nearly as good as the original 2015 film which starred Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, while upping the ante in the story department. The first film focused on U.S. government covert operations happening across the border in Mexico against the drug cartels. Blunt’s character was a morally conflicted protagonist trying to make sense of it all. While Blunt does not return for the sequel, Brolin’s hard-ass character Matt Graver and Del Toro’s menacing hitman Alejandro do, and this time, the stakes have been raised. Following the events of the first movie, smuggling refugees over the border has become a bigger business than drugs. To retaliate for America’s covert meddling, the cartels are now smuggling radical Islamic terrorists over the border alongside South American refugees. After several terrorist incidents rock the U.S. and the assailants are traced back to the border, the U.S. government responds by placing the Mexican cartels on the terrorist watchlist, which expands their power to wage war south of the border. Their initial plot is to have the cartels fight with one another and the Department of Defense hatches a plan to kidnap a Mexican cartel head’s 16 year old daughter and make it look like the actions of a rival cartel. Graver and Alejandro lead the military team that attempts to extract the girl from Mexico. However, word gets out that the Americans are involved, the extraction team is ambushed by Mexican police that have been paid off by the cartels and chaos erupts. The cartel daughter flees into the Mexican wilderness and is pursued by Alejandro. Meanwhile, Graver and his team return to the U.S. to discover the government is shutting them down due to the perceived public deaths of Mexican police officers by U.S. soldiers. They also demand that the cartel daughter be “removed”. Of course, this leads to allegiances shifting, political intrigue and various other battles. Day of the Soldado is technically superb with Broslin and Del Toro at the top of their game. Emily Blunt’s character is missed, but there is enough intriguing political narrative here to compensate. There is one absolutely preposterous plot twist towards the end of the film which had me rolling my eyes, but overall, a very good and very timely, action drama.

The Balls Have Dropped

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NBA Superstar Lebron James has declined the option for the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and will become an unrestricted free agent. Let’s pray we don’t have to sit through another ESPN Decision Special as we did back in 2010 when he left Cleveland the first time for the Miami Heat. If we see commentator Jim Gray anywhere near “King James”, we’re running and gunning…